Would you be willing to give up some of your spare time to help me with this site?

As I am sure you will have noticed,  that my name seems to be on everything.  That is because this site is a single person operation.  But if I have learned anything from yesterday (Sunday 29th November 2009) with its three election and one referendum it is just how much I need help with this site.

Would you be willing to help in one or more of the ways listed below.

Political Database.

Select one or more countries and keep their page up to date making sure new parties are added old ones removed and that all links and contact details are up to date.  Eventually I hope we can start adding news of more localised interest to these pages such as local elections.

I would really like to have an automatic search spider that would seek out as much contact information as it can and add it to a database which in turn would create lists for each country.  Can this be done, if it can how would you do it?

Election / Referendum Coverage.

Take a forthcoming vote and cover its build up, the day(s) of the vote, the result and the aftermath.  By having one or more people devoted to a vote then we can get more indepth coverage and may even start having original pieces on the site.

Site design.

Do you have an eye for site layout?  Do you have some free time on you hands?  If the answer to both of these is yes, then why not try and improve the design of this site.  Lets be honest you could not make it worse.

Other ways.

There are many other ways you can help the site from donating money via the paypal button, to giving us your opinions on what we are doing right/wrong with the site.

For more info you can contact me via,
Email get2vote@gmail.com
Twitter @get2vote


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