US slams irregularities in Sudan election

The White House charged on Tuesday that Sudan’s national election was plagued by “serious irregularities” and said the United States was committed to helping ensure a 2011 referendum on southern independence was conducted fairly.

“The United States regrets that Sudan’s National Elections Commission did not do more to prevent and address such problems prior to voting,” the White House said in a statement.

Sudan this month held its first open polls in 24 years as part of a peace deal that was supposed to bring the oil-producing nation back to democracy after decades of civil war.


One Response

  1. Much of the opposition boycotted the proceedings before voting started, citing irregularities, and observers have already said the elections did not meet international standards.”Political rights and freedoms were circumscribed throughout the electoral process, there were reports of intimidation and threats of violence in South Sudan, ongoing conflict in Darfur did not permit an environment conducive to acceptable elections.

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