The flag of the United States of America (Thank you Wikipedia)

The flag of the United States of America (Thank you Wikipedia)

Voter Registration Website:

Party websites:

America First Party

American Centrist Party

American Heritage Party

American Party

American Patriot Party

American Reform Party

Boston Tea Party

Centrist Party

Christian Falangist Party of America

Communist Party USA

Constitution Party

Democratic Party

Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Freedom Socialist Party

Green Party

Independence Party of America

Independent American Party

Jefferson Republican Party

Labor Party

Libertarian National Socialist Green Party

Libertarian Party

Light Party

Marijuana Party

Moderate Party

Modern Whig Party

National Socialist Movement

Natural Law Party

New American Independent Party

New Black Panther Party

New Union Party

Party for Socialism and Liberation

Peace and Freedom Party

Populist Party of America

Progressive Labor Party

Prohibition Party

Reform Party of the United States of America

Republican Party

Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Revolutionary Organization of Labor

Social Democratic Party of America

Socialist Action

Socialist Alternative

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Labor Party

Socialist Party USA

Socialist Workers Party

Unity Party of America

United States Pacifist Party


Veterans Party

Workers Party, USA

Workers World Party

Working Families Party

World Socialist Party of the United Stats


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