With get2vote.info we intend to offer the user a single location source for news and information on forthcoming elections, results of current elections along with an extensive database of links to voter registration and political parties websites on a country by country basis.


On the front page you will see a blog carrying stories on current and forthcoming elections as well as results as soon as I can add them to the feed.  These stories are culled from the webpages of places such as AP AFP DPA <expand>.


Through the (really bad but we are working on it) interface you should be able to find most if not all of the countries in the world listed.  Once on your selected countries page you should find at least one link to voter registration/information site along with links to as many of that countries political parties as I have been to find.  Yes there are gaps but over time we intend to correct this, if you know of any links that I am missing then please dont hesitate to contact us in the ways list below.

Future Plans

(Ok so I have just been to FOWA in London {thank you Ryan Carson}, in fact if this does not need much of a tidy up this was done at the FOWA PayPal party, think of me)
While being at FOWA I have seen so many things I would like to do for the website, some of which are listed below, if you are willing to help us contact details are listed below.

Google Maps API mashup

Take the google maps api and use publicly available information create a map that on an international level would show who is in power in each country along withe the previous election results but as you zoom down into the map you would be able to find out who represents that area be it an MP or a senator.

Alert system

When people register with us (be it with Facebook connect, Twitter etc) we will send them reminders of important date such as the closing date for voter registration, the last day for postal ballets and of course the date of the election itself.  We can send these messages out Via Twitter, Facebook, SMS and what ever else may come along in the future.


At the moment we only really offer links to political party websites but in the future we want to expand to offer links to their twitter and Facebook pages as well as any other social media site they may be involved with.

User contributions.

OK this is where everyone stops reading and goes to read digg.com but stick with me here, I need help making sure this site stays as up to date as possible.  So if you are able and willing to help in any way from simple fact checking of stories and leaving feedback telling me why I am such an idiot to code bashing and bug checking please contact me via.

email get2vote(at)gmail(dot)com
twitter @get2vote
or just leave a comment below (Even just to say hi)

Thank you for reading all of this you have now earned a coffee, so go and buy yourself one.

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