The national flag of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Thank you Wikipedia)

The national flag of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Thank you Wikipedia)

Voter Registration Website:


Party websites:

Afar National Democratic Party

Afar People’s Democratic Movement

All-Ethiopia Democratic Party

Argoba Nationality Democratic Organization

Bench Madji People’s Democratic Organization

Benishangul-Gumuz People’s Democratic Unity Front

Coalition for Unity and Democracy
…All Ethiopian Unity Party
…Ethiopian Democratic League
…Rainbow Ethiopia: Movement for Democracy and Social Justice
…United Ethiopian Democratic Party-Medhin Party
…Unity for Democracy and Justice

Ethiopian National Democratic Party

Ethiopian Peace and Democratic Party

Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front

Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front
…Amhara National Democratic Movement
…Oromo People’s Democratic Organization
…Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement
…Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front

Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party

Gambela People’s Democratic Movement

Gedeyo Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front

Gurage National Democratic Movement

Hadiya National Democratic Organization

Hareri National League

Kafa Shaka People’s Democratic Organization

Kembata, Alabaa and Tembaro

Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement

Oromo Liberation Front

Sheko and Mezenger People’s Democratic Unity Organization

Sidama Liberation Movement

Sidamo People’s Democratic Organization

Siltie Peoples’ Democratic Unity Party

Somali People’s Democratic Party

South Omo People’s Democratic Movement

United Ethiopia Democratic Party

United Ethiopian Democratic Forces
…Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front
…All-Amhara People’s Organization
…All-Ethiopia Socialist Movement
…Ethiopian Democratic Unity Party
…Ethiopian Social Democratic Federal Party
…Oromo National Congress
…Southern Ethiopia People’s Democratic Coalition

Walayta, Gamo, Gofa, Dawro, and Konta People’s Democratic Organization

Workers’ Party of Ethiopia


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