83 Candidates to Run for Kyrgyzstan Presidential Election

Kyrgyzstan’s Central Election Commission says 83 people have registered to run in the country’s presidential election at the end of October.

The commission said Tuesday that 16 candidates received nominations from political parties and 67 are running as independents.

The candidates are now required to collect at least 30,000 signatures, submit an electoral deposit of more than $2,000, and pass a Kyrgyz language test by September 25 in order to be considered as a presidential contender. Continue reading


Uzbeks to boycott Kyrgyz vote

Hiding from the burning sun in the courtyard of a local mosque, Uzbek elders in the Kyrgyz capital said people are too scared for their lives to vote in a referendum on Kyrgyzstan’s future on Sunday.

“This is madness. The country is in a state of chaos and they are talking about some referendum,” said Zakirjan Sultanov, a businessman, as he discussed the events with his neighbours on a carpet outside the mosque. Continue reading

Opposition says it leads Kyrgyzstan after uprising

Opposition leaders declared they had seized power in Kyrgyzstan, taking control of security headquarters, a state TV channel and other government buildings after clashes between police and protesters killed dozens in this Central Asian nation that houses a key U.S. air base.

President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who came to power in a similar popular uprising five years ago, was said to have fled to the southern city of Osh, and it was difficult to gauge how much of the impoverished, mountainous country the opposition controlled Wednesday. Continue reading

OSCE monitors slam Kyrgyzstan presidential vote for ballot-box stuffing & vote counting problems

European monitors said Friday that Kyrgyzstan’s presidential election was marred by ballot-box stuffing and widespread irregularities in vote counting.

The preliminary assessment by Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe could bolster the opposition’s determination to protest the vote. President Kurmanbek Bakiyev won an overwhelming victory with about 85 percent of the vote, according to partial official results. Continue reading