Election Canada proposes online voting for 2013

Going to the polls might just mean booting up your computer during the next federal byelection, Elections Canada says.

Marc Mayrand, Canada’s chief electoral officer, says he will be seeking approval to test internet voting in a federal byelection held in 2013. Continue reading


Canada’s opposition says “not keen” on 2010 election

In a sharp change of position, the head of Canada’s main opposition party said in an interview published on Saturday that he was not keen on trying to trigger an election next year.

The comments by Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff mean it is likely the minority Conservative government, which needs the support of opposition legislators to stay in power, will be able to push through its budget early next year. Continue reading

74 Canadian MPs will qualify for pension if election delayed until July 2010

One out of five MPs in the House of Commons can boost their chances of receiving a lucrative pension by preventing a fall election and ensuring the current Parliament survives at least until July 2010, reveals a survey by Canwest News Service.

The survey examined the number of MPs who were first elected in June 2004 and are less than a year away from having the six years of service required to qualify for a government pension that can kick in at age 55. Continue reading

Canadian journalist detained in Iran

A Canadian journalist has been detained in Iran, as authorities extended their crackdown on those protesting last week’s disputed election to include those covering the demonstrations.

Newsweek magazine said in a statement its correspondent Mazier Bahari, a Canadian citizen, was detained Sunday morning and has not been heard from since. Continue reading

Canadian PM Stephen Harper doesn’t want summer election

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday he doesn’t want to see Canadians go to the polls this summer or in the near future in the midst of a global recession.

“I don’t for the life of me know why, when we are just beginning to see emergence from this recession in Canada in a relatively strong position, we would want to throw this country into another round of political instability,” Harper told reporters in Quebec City. Continue reading

Government ‘incompetence’ might force election: Ignatieff

Will Canadians be going to polls this summer?

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Tuesday he will make “a serene and clear decision” on that question — likely by June 12.

He cited the health crisis sparked by the shutdown of the nuclear reactor at Chalk River, Ont., which produces medical isotopes used to treat and diagnose 5,000 Canadians a day, as the latest of several “flagrant examples of incompetence” by the federal government.

After question period Tuesday, Ignatieff reeled off a growing list of what, to him, are irritants that could lead the Liberals to try to force an election. Continue reading

Canada opposition Liberals edge ahead in huge poll

Canada’s opposition Liberals have edged ahead of the ruling Conservatives in popular support but not by enough to be sure of winning an election now, according to the largest ever poll conducted in Canada.

The Ekos survey of almost 11,000 Canadians — more than 10 times the usual polling size — put the Liberals at 33.5 percent support and the Conservatives at 32.3 percent. Continue reading