Center-right Parties To Form Czech Coalition Government

Czech Republic general election final results Saturday point to center-right parties forming the next government.

The Czech Statistical Office reported the centre-left Social Democrats (CSSD) placed first with 22.1 percent of the vote, the right-wing Civic Democrats (ODS), came second with 20.2 percent, the rightist TOP 09, 16.7 percent, and centrist Public Affairs 10.9 percent.

Former prime minister Jiri Paroubek stepped down as CSSD leader, saying the country was “on track for a right-wing coalition”.

Meanwhile, ODS leader Petr Necas and CSSD first deputy chairman Bohuslav Sobotka are waiting for right-wing President Vaclav Klaus’ call to request the formation of a new government.

It is still unclear who will become prime minister.

The center-right parties plan big budget saving measures to save the republic from financial distress.

ODS election leader Petr Necas said of the election result: “It is great news that will allow the Czech Republic to avoid a repeat of the Greek scenario.”


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