Voetrs protest as thousands unable to cast ballots in British election.

THERE were protests this morning after thousands of people were deprived of their right to vote in the British election as polling stations were unable to cope with demand.

David Monks, chief returning officer for England, told The Times the widespread failures to deal with high voter turnout may lead to by-elections in the next few weeks as disenfranchised citizens challenge results.

Some protested in the streets at being unable to vote because of queues when polling stations closed at 10pm.

An estimated 500 would-be voters were turned away in Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg’s constituency of Sheffield Hallam and another 200 people in Woodseats, a Sheffield suburb five miles away, were told their votes would not count.

Voters gathered outside Mr Clegg’s home and he apologised for the problems.

Police were called to deal with angry people prevented from voting in several areas including in Brockley and Hackney in London.

There were reports of sit-ins in Hackney, protests in Manchester and more protesters preventing ballot boxes from reaching the counting centre in Sheffield.

Other voters were reportedly locked in after the deadline to be able to cast their ballot, while at least one station reported running out of ballot papers.

The British Electoral Commission has said it will investigate the voting problems caused by unexpectedly high turnout.


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