Sri Lanka opposition parties discuss formation of a national reconciliation government

Sri Lanka’s Democratic National Alliance (DNA) led by former Army Commander Retired General Sarath Fonseka has initiated discussions on an “unofficial” level with other opposition parties the possibility of forming a national reconciliation government after the April 8 general election.

DNA front liner and Marxist party JVP parliamentary group leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said the party has already held “unofficial discussions” with several opposition parties to consider the possibility of forming a joint opposition government after the elections.

He said there were two ways to form a government. “One way is to be elected with a majority through a general election to form a government and the other is for several opposition parties to join together to form one,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe has reportedly said the opposition would gain the majority in the next parliament after the general election with about 115 seats.

He said the UNP led UNF would receive 83 seats, the Tamil parties between 15-20 seats and the JVP the remaining number of seats required for a majority.


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