Togolese await first results of Thursday’s presidential election

The Togolese are still awaiting for the first official results of the presidential election held Thursday in calm with the participation of seven candidates.

“I am looking forward to knowing the winner of the election,” said motorcycle taxi driver Kodjo Megbédjré, calling on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) not to delay releasing the results.

“The INEC must act quickly and if it lingers too much, some could think that they are rigging the election results,” said Jean Ametonou, a student at the University of Lome.

On the other hand, Esso Pito, a maintenance officer said he is patient. “I am patient and I know that whatever time it takes the INEC, my candidate will win,” he said without saying who he voted for among the seven vying candidates.

Whereas a group of motorcycle taxi drivers gathering around a newspaper kiosk were commenting on the headlines in Friday’s newspapers.

Most say they are afraid of fraud during the compiling of the results from upcountry to Lome.

On the side of the Independent Electoral Commission, the compilation of the results continues through fax and via SMS and V-SAT link. No indication was given on when the first official results will be published.

Seven candidates were vying for Togo’s presidential election on Thursday, among them the outgoing President Faure Gnassingbé and his strongest opponent Jean Pierre Fabre of the Union of Forces for Change (UFC).


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