Fonseka’s credentials questioned in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan government has objected to retired general Sarath Fonseka’s candidacy in the presidential election.

The government has said Fonseka may not have been a legal candidate in this week’s elections and has said it will take its case to court.

After polling stations closed on Tuesday, the government alleged Mr Fonseka’s name was not on his local electoral register, therefore he was not allowed to vote.

Tuesday’s presidential election results have not yet been announced but turnout was around 60 percent with the poll forecast to be a neck-and-neck race between the former general and sitting President Mahinda Rajapkse.

Both men have claimed to have played a leading role in last year’s defeat of the Tamil Tigers, which was routed from its stronghold in the north of the country last May, after 25 years of civil war.


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