Pre-election silence in Croatia

Pre-election silence has begun in Croatia ahead of the first round of presidential elections to be held on Sunday.

Public opinion polls show that none of the 12 candidates will be able to win 50 percent of the vote; therefore, a second round is expected to be held.

According to the statistics, the Social Democratic Party of Ivo Josipović has the best chance of securing a second round spot.

Current Zagreb Mayor and independent candidate Milan Bandić said that he is convinced that he will be able to win in the first round of elections.

“Do not talk about a second round, because I believe that the Croatian people are wise enough, and it is possible that there will not be a second round,” Bandić said.

Independent candidate Nadan Vidošević was equally as confident.

“I will disinherit all those that disinherited my country so that a child born tonight is already in debt EUR 10,000. This is a referendum, or it will be a fight for this child that was born tonight to be freed, or we will get tied up in phrases that will lead us far from the future,” Vidošević said.

There are about 4.5 million registered voters in Croatia that will vote at 6,866 polling stations around the country.

Citizens living abroad will be able to vote at 250 polling stations in 55 countries around the world, most of them in Bosnia-Herzegovina with 124.


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