Voting starts in second round of Comoros poll

Voters in the Indian Ocean state of the Comoros turned out Sunday in the second round of legislative elections as an opposition figure urged the electoral commission to clamp down on suspected fraud.

The presidential party is seen as being well placed to win in the second round after it won two seats straight out in the first round that held December 6, according to results announced a week later.

Houmed Msaidie, who heads the Convention for the Renewal of the Comoros, and another movement called National Convergence urged the electoral commission to clamp down harder on fraud.

He accused it of being lax and running the risk of plunging the country into “instability and chaos”.

The results of the elections for the 33 seats will determine the outcome of President Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi’s bid to extend his tenure, which is awaiting parliamentary approval.

Two deputies from Sambi’s “Baobab” movement were elected in the first round, the constitutional court announced. None from the opposition group were voted in.

A presidential party majority will likely see parliament approve a move by Sambi to extend by a year his current mandate, due to expire next year.


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