Presidential ballot ends in Abkhazia

At 8 p.m. Moscow time all polling stations closed. Heavy voter turnout created big queues. Practically all international observers mentioned this fact. At several polling stations people could vote only in the evening.

Chairman of the Abkhazian Central Election Commission Batal Tabagua made apologies to voters at one of the polling stations in Sukhum for a big queue. Tabagua said he would do everything possible to allow people to vote by 8 p.m. Moscow time (5pm GMT).

Tabagua promised to draw conclusions for the future and increase the number of polling stations.

The voter activity of Abkhazian citizens was very significant. The CEC reports a 64.29 percent turnout by 7.30 p.m. Moscow time. The turnout is higher than in the 2005 presidential elections when 63 percent of voters took part in the elections. The Tkuarchal district set an absolute record. It reported a 99.82 percent turnout half an hour before polling stations closed.

The CEC will make public preliminary results by the afternoon of December 13. If there are no complaints or lawsuits, official results will be announced up within two days, Tabagua said.


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