Solomon Islands newest political party formed

A NEW political party will be launched early next year before the general election.

The new political party will be called “Sun Party”.

Founder Ramon Quitales said the primary and fundamental principles of the party are prevention of corruption and the dependent behavior.

“This party will stop corruption and discourage asking money all the time from donors,” Mr Quitales said.

He said the policies of the party will be confirmed but hinted that some of the party’s aims are to increase salaries of all working people and get rid of income tax.

“We will discourage unnecessary deduction of taxes from the working people except their NPF contributions,” he said.

He said it aims to increase money supply, stabilize inflation, stabilize currency and fix exchange rate based on what the party will enforce.

Mr Quitales said if the party assumes power, they will get rid of the RCDF funding.

“I don not want to see money falling into the hands of MPs who should be policy makers and not financial managers,” he said.

He said that should reduce or discourage voters from going to their MPs asking for money or complaining about the RCDF.

“I want to see all financial matters to be directed into responsible departments other than to MPs to handle,” he said.

Mr Quitales said he will launch a book titled “Solomon Islands System Economics,” when Sun party launches next year.

“I wrote the book which quiet thick with 121 pages, and it should set off with the party early next year,” he said.

He said they are still looking for a good president to lead the political party.

Mr Quitales was the founder of Socred party, which came into power in the last election under the presidency of Hon Manasseh Sogovare.

Sogovare assumed power under the political party but was later overthrown with a vote of no confidence moved against his government.

About 30 candidates campaigned under Socred but only two Manasseh Sogovare and Clay Forau were elected.

The party gained over 20 more members when it came into power.


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