Republic of Equatorial Guinea Releases Final Presidential Election Results

Ambassador to the United States, Purificacion Angue Ondo today issued the following statement announcing the final Presidential election results.

“Today the results of our recent Presidential elections are finalized and I would like to announce that His Excellency President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has been re-elected and will serve an additional term. The President won over four other registered candidates with 95.37 percent of the vote. I am pleased to communicate that monitors from the Economic Community of Central African States certified that ‘the freedom, transparency and credibility of the election dignify the people of Equatorial Guinea.’ Observers from the African Union also reported that the elections ran smoothly. With his re-election, the President will have the opportunity to continue the extensive legislative, judicial, health care, education, malaria eradication and human rights reform efforts begun in his previous term as well as the remarkable transition in the energy industry. As a country, we are dedicated to working closely with the United States and the international community to increase the capacity of our government to improve the lives of Equatorial Guinea’s citizens.”

In its report, the African Union congratulates the people of Equatorial Guinea for carrying out an election “in a fashion generally in line with electoral law” and in an atmosphere “of calm, order and discipline.”

To access more information about the election and to read the African Union report, please visit The declaration by the official mission of electoral observers from the Economic Community of Central African States can be found here.

This has been distributed by Qorvis Communications, LLC and Cassidy & Associates on behalf of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. More information is available at the United States Department of Justice, Washington, DC.


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