Namibia: Counting delays continue in the north of the country

SEVERAL recounts ordered in the northern regions yesterday delayed the release of election results there.

Some polling stations were still struggling to finish counting yesterday.

By midday, most constituency result centres were still verifying the polling station results.

Constituency results centres cannot announce results until all polling stations in that constituency have submitted their results and are verified.


At the Ongwediva centre, the returning officer on Sunday night ordered three recounts.

The polling stations at Gabriel Taapopi, Okandjengedi and the Ongwediva College of Education were also ordered to recount their ballots, as the figures did not add up during the verification process.

Because of the long work hours, the concentration of some officials and Police officers was starting to wane by midmorning yesterday.

In some cases polling officials were delayed by political party agents who left the results centres before the results were verified.

Polling officials said they could not recount without the party agents being present, as every party agent has to put a seal on each ballot box and only an agent from that party can break that seal.

By midday, the frustration on the faces of many officials was evident.


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