Namibia opposition mulls over election lawsuit

An official of Namibia’s main opposition party says a coalition of opposition groups may legally challenge the results of last week’s general election.

Libolly Haufiku — the Rally for Democracy and Progress’ Secretary of International Relations –accused the electoral commission of failing to address opposition concerns of irregularities during the election.

“We are seeking legal opinion on the facts of the irregularities that we have uncovered. If our lawyers think that we have got a case then we will proceed. But if they tells us that we have got no case then let it be… the electoral commission has not been forthcoming on the issues we laid in front of them,” Haufiku said.

The electoral body denies not addressing issues brought before it.

Preliminary results released by the commission show incumbent President Hifikepunye Pohamba and his ruling South West Africa People’s Organization ahead of the opposition parties.

But Haufiku questioned the alleged delay of the results.

“At one polling station, only 700 people voted and it is taking two days to count that…the people of Namibia want to know the results. Our phones don’t stop ringing because people are saying things are being deliberately delayed to rig the election,” Haufiku said.

The Southern African Development Community’s electoral observer team has declared the election free and fair – – a declaration Haufiku rejects as premature.

“This is the problem with African politics. What do you expect from SADC? The SADC also gave a clean bill of health to Mugabe (Zimbabwe’s president) and Mugabe has rigged the election. Everybody knows that,” Haufiku said.

Meanwhile, Hamunyera Hambyuka, administrator of the ruling SWAPO said the party is preparing to begin celebrating its electoral victory, despite opposition irregularity claims.

“We already informed our people in the regions to be ready to start celebrating. In actual fact, people already started celebrating Monday, but that one it was not official. But the official one will be coming after one day or tomorrow we will be starting to organize for the victory,” Hambyuka said.

The electoral commission said 14 political parties participated in the two-day presidential and parliamentary vote.


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