Namibia Awaits Election Result; Opposition Cries Foul

More than 24 hours after voting ended in Namibian elections, the national counting center has yet to release any results, prompting a warning from opposition parties that the integrity of the process may be in jeopardy.

“Ballot boxes are being moved without any results being displayed at the polling stations,” which is illegal, Adam Isaak, secretary-general of the Democratic Party, told reporters after a late-night meeting between party officials and the Electoral Commission of Namibia in the capital, Windhoek, today. “Results are known, but we don’t understand the delay. We seem not to be getting any answers.”

Fourteen parties contested the Nov. 27-28 parliamentary elections, and 12 fielded candidates in a parallel presidential vote. The ruling South West African People’s Organization, which won 55 of the 72 seats in elections five years ago, is forecast to extend its 20-year reign and President Hifikepunye Pohamba is set to win a second five-year term.

The Electoral Commission had provided four different figures for the number of people on the voters’ roll and it was unclear how many were entitled to cast ballots, four opposition parties said in a statement issued in Windhoek. They also complained that their party agents were barred from some polling stations and that supposedly indelible ink used to prevent people from voting twice could be washed off.

“We believe our concerns have been proved genuine and surely this may compromise the outcome of the election,” the Rally for Democracy and Progress, the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, the Republican Party and the South West Africa National Union said in the statement.

Youth Wing

In a separate statement, Swapo’s youth wing said compilation of the voter roll was overseen by a government department headed by RDP leader Hidipo Hamutenya’s wife and she should be answerable for any discrepancies.

The problems experienced were relatively minor and wouldn’t compromise the overall integrity of the election, said Theo Mujoro, the Electoral Commission’s deputy director of operations.

Counting began at polling stations shortly after the vote ended at 9 p.m. local time yesterday. The Electoral Commission said the first tallies, which are being collated at 107 regional centers, were expected to be announced by the national results center by this afternoon.

Serious Problems

“It is extremely worrying” that no results have been released, said Henk Mudge, president of the Republican Party. “There are serious problems throughout the country,” he said. “We will not accept anything if it’s not 100 percent correct. If it means we will have to go to court, we will do that.”

Four regional groupings that observed the poll are scheduled to present their findings over the next two days.

Namibia is the world’s largest source of offshore diamonds, most of them mined by Namdeb, a joint venture between the government and De Beers, the world’s largest diamond company. It is also Africa’s second-biggest producer of uranium, with mines operated by Paladin Energy Ltd. and Rio Tinto Group, and has gold and zinc deposits.

Namibia was ruled by Germany for three decades before South Africa took control following an invasion at the start of the First World War. After a 22-year armed conflict led by Swapo, the country won independence in 1990 and Sam Nujoma became president. He served three terms before handing over to his favored successor Pohamba.


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