Polling Stations Open Across Mozambique

Voters in Mozambique are casting ballots in elections widely expected to return President Armando Guebuza to power.

Mr. Guebuza is running for a second, five -year term in office against Afonso Dhlakama of of the main opposition party, Renamo, and David Simango, who leads the Democratic Movement of Mozambique.

Renamo suffered a setback last year when Simango, the mayor of Mozambique’s second-largest city, broke away to form the MDM faction.

Mr. Guebuza’s Frelimo party has ruled Mozambique since achieving its independence from Portugal in 1975.

Simango has accused Mozambique’s election commission of disqualifying his party from some parliamentary contests to limit its growth as an opposition force.

The commission says it it barred MDM candidates from competing in some parliamentary regions because their filing papers were flawed.

Mozambique’s nine million registered voters will also elect a parliament and provincial assemblies.

Mozambique’s economy has enjoyed growth rates of as much as eight percent a year under Frelimo’s leadership in recent years. But, much of the southeastern African nation still lives in poverty.

Voice of America


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