Exit polls: Former guerrilla fighter wins first round in Uruguay

Former guerrilla fighter Jose Mujica won the first round of Uruguay’s presidential election Sunday with close to 50 per cent of the votes, several exit polls showed. The projections left it uncertain whether or not the country would need the runoff scheduled for November 29 to elect a successor for President Tabare Vazquez between the top two first-round finishers.

Luis Eduardo Gonzalez, head of the consulting firm Cifra, said his exit polls showed the leftist ruling-coalition candidate Mujica with about 50 per cent of the votes. A candidate needs to secure 50 per cent of the vote in order to win outright in the first round of voting without a runoff.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.3 per cent, so it is inconclusive as to the chance for a runoff, Gonzalez said.

Ignacio Zuasnabar, of the consulting firm Equipos, also put Mujica very close to half the votes.

According to exit polls, Mujica’s Frente Amplio also obtained a majority in Congress.

The first preliminary election results were expected around 0200 GMT Monday.

deutsche presse agentur


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