EU observation mission concerned over election fraud

The EU Election Observation Mission (EUEOM) is deeply concerned at the very large number of irregularities in the Afghan presidential elections on August 20 which have been notified to the Electoral Complaints Commission. These affect hundreds of polling stations across the country. The EU EOM’s own findings confirm that large scale ballot stuffing took place at polling station level and that despite the legal provisions on fraud detection and mitigation measures established by the Independent Election Commission (IEC), hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes were accepted at the tally center and were included among the preliminary official results posted on the IEC’s website.

The EU EOM has checked all the uploaded publicly preliminary results on the IEC’s website implementing the triggers established by the IEC. Of a total of 18,877 tallied polling stations on September 6, there were 2,451 polling stations where more than 90 percent of the votes were cast for a single candidate, i.e. 566,076 votes. The EU EOM has also identified 214 polling stations where the number of votes cast exceeded the limit of likely voters assigned to that location. In these polling stations the total votes cast correspond to 138,000 votes.

The EU EOM endorses and strongly supports the decision by the Electoral Complaints Commission announced earlier today and calls on the Independent Election Commission and its Chairman, Dr. Lodin, to take all the necessary actions in accordance with the Electoral Law and the regulations of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The EU EOM applauds the commitment of the millions of Afghan citizens who, in spite of threats and intimidation, cast their vote on Election Day and deeply regrets that a minority of people have flouted the law by seeking to manipulate the results of the elections and so to deny the Afghan people a legitimate, democratic choice of president.

The EU EOM will remain in Afghanistan until the end of the electoral process.


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