Votes from 447 Afghan polling stations cancelled due to fraud

The votes from 447 polling stations in Afghanistan’s controversial elections have been cancelled because of fraud, an electoral official said Sunday.

“Votes from 447 polling stations across the country have been nullified because of fraud,” Noor Mohammed Noor, spokesman for the Independent Election Commission (IEC) told AFP.

He said the cancelled votes from the 447 polling stations – each of which had around 600-700 ballot papers – accounted for a not insignificant number of the total votes cast.

“It could be around 200,000 votes,” he said.

The August 20 poll was Afghanistan’s second only presidential election, held under a darkening cloud of corruption.

Partial results released Sunday showed President Hamid Karzai holding a clear lead, with 48.6 percent of the vote.

IEC officials announced results from 75 percent of the polling stations, with 4.3 million valid votes.

Karzai won 2.08 million and former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah 1.36 million or 31.7 percent, IEC official Daud Ali Najafi told a news conference.

The independent Electoral Complaints Commission is investigating more than 2,000 complaints of fraud and vote-rigging, around a third of which it has said could affect the outcome.

Preliminary results have been delayed – the IEC failed to give a reason – and final results are not due to be released before September 17.


2 Responses

  1. Its not new in Afghanistan, it always happen during the election in Afghanistan.

  2. This is ashamed thing which happens often. There are very few cases where fair poll happened otherwise everywhere cheating. It is too much.

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