Vanuatu holds presidential election

Tuesday’s vote on a new president for the Pacific island country of Vanuatu failed to come up with a clear winner.

A total of 11 candidates, including two women, were contesting for the presidency.

Under the constitution, a candidate must win the support of two thirds of the Electoral College to be elected as a new president.

An electoral college comprising the 52 members of parliament and the heads of the six provincial governments cast their ballots at the parliament building to vote a new head of state.

Among the 11 candidates, Vincent Boulekone won 16 votes but failed to win the two thirds of the Electoral College, or 39 votes.

Former President Kalkot Mataskelekele won 14 votes while Iolu Abbil won 11 votes. Kalo Nial and female candidate Yvette Sam both won seven votes.

Another round of the election will be held on Wednesday morning.

Mataskelekele’s current term as president expired in mid-August.

Since the departure from the post of Mataskelekele, Parliament Speaker Maxime Carlot Korman has been the acting president.


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