Guinea-Bissau vote turnout around 60%: EU monitors

The turnout in Sunday’s presidential election run-off in Guinea-Bissau was between “55 and 60 percent,” the head of the EU observer mission said Monday.

“The turnout varies between 55 and 60 percent. It will be very close to the first round where the turnout was 60 percent,” Johan Van Hecke told AFP.

He said the figure was an estimation “based on the results from 100 polling stations” visited by the 21-member EU observer mission.

The electoral commission said it would take at least all day to get results.

“We are waiting for the results from different regions. The regional commissions are working (on the results) before sending them to the National Electoral Commission,” CNE spokesman Orlando Viegas told AFP.

“We hope to have all the results by the end of the day,” he added.

Van Hecke said the turnout was higher in the capital Bissau than elsewhere. “For example, it was low in Biombo and on the islands,” he said. Biombo is the homeland of former president Joao Bernardo Vieira, whose assassination by soldiers in March sparked a political crisis in the west African country.

The runoff was between ex-presidents Kumba Yala and Malam Bacai Sanha, who won the biggest share of the vote in the first round on June 28. Sanha secured 39.59 percent of the first-round ballots — a 10-point advantage over Yala.


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