President Zelaya of Honduras asked Honduran people to accompany him

“This strike against the nation of Honduras has evidenced to the world that in Honduras there is still some kind of barbarism, people are not aware of the damage they do to our country and future generations,” pointed out the legitimate President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, during a telephone contact with the Telesur TV station.

He also announced that he is organizing his return to Honduras on Sunday, July 5, and requested “all the peasants, housewives, townspeople, indigenous, youth to join me on my return. It’s the return of the president elected by the sovereign freedom of the people , which is the only way to elect a president in Honduras. ”

“Do not allow individuals to make decisions that correspond to the Honduran people through their popular legitimacy. I am willing to make any effort to obtain the freedom that our country needs,” he said.

Zelaya also sentenced that he will not rest until solving this situation in Honduras. “Either we are free or have slaves on a permanent basis, if we do not have the courage to defend ourselves.”

“Do not carry weapons, practice what I always have preached, nonviolence, because they are the ones with violence, weapons and repression,” he said.

“Through these media I insist, we will continue with the participation of the people which is the main actor of our democracy and the solutions that may have the major problems of poverty and inequality that lives the nation.”

He also assured that the Hondurans have faced many problems, “and we have always managed to come together to move forward and this is a great opportunity to show the world that what we Hondurans are capable.”

Manuel Zelaya made an appeal to the coup plotters, which he called traitors, “Judas that kissed my cheek to then give a big strike to the country and our democracy, they should be rectified in the shortest possible time. They are surrounded, the world has made them a vacuum. All nations of the world have condemned them, without exception there is a general condemnation against him. ”

“They should be held accountable in courts, by the genocide they make in our country to remove our liberties and suppress the people of Honduras. I am responsible to the coup plotters of each individual life of each person and the dignity of the Honduran people,” he said.

Finally, he assured that this Sunday, July 5, will show at the international airport of Honduras in Tegucigalpa, accompanied by several heads of state. “On Sunday we will be in Tegucigalpa embracing you, to enforce what we have so much defended, that is the will of God through the will of the people.”


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