Iran embassy staff ‘face trial’

Some UK embassy staff detained in Tehran and accused of inciting protests will face trial, says the head of Iran’s top legislative body.

The British foreign office said it was urgently seeking confirmation from Iran on the matter.

The UK government was outraged when nine embassy staff were held in Tehran last weekend. Most have now been freed.

EU governments are considering temporarily withdrawing ambassadors to Iran in protest at the detentions.

“In these incidents, their embassy had a presence, some people were arrested. Naturally they will be put on trial, they have made confessions,” Ahmad Jannati, the head of Iran’s powerful Guardians Council, said at Friday prayers, reported AFP news agency.

According to the British government, seven of nine local staff who were detained in the Iranian capital have now been released.


2 Responses

  1. Iranian politicians seem to blame everyone but themselves for the current mess. It appears not to be in their nature the be honest about anything.

  2. This is just another attempt by Iran’s faux government to develop a heated dispute with another country (any one will do), and possibly provoke some token military response. That way they can “unite Iranians” against a common foe and get the protesters to focus on that. It’s a feeble plan, but what can you expect from 12th century Ayatollahs!!!

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