Obama’s First Coup d’Etat: Honduran President has been Kidnapped

Sunday June 28, Caracas, Venezuela — The text message that beeped on my cell phone this morning read “Alert, Zelaya has been kidnapped, coup d’etat underway in Honduras, spread the word.” It’s a rude awakening for a Sunday morning, especially for the millions of Hondurans that were preparing to exercise their sacred right to vote today for the first time on a consultative referendum concerning the future convening of a constitutional assembly to reform the constitution. Supposedly at the center of the controversy is today’s scheduled referendum, which is not a binding vote but merely an opinion poll to determine whether or not a majority of Hondurans desire to eventually enter into a process to modify their constitution.

Such an initiative has never taken place in the Central American nation, which has a very limited constitution that allows minimal participation by the people of Honduras in their political processes. The current constitution, written in 1982 during the height of the Reagan Administration’s dirty war in Central America, was designed to ensure those in power, both economic and political, would retain it with little interference from the people. Zelaya, elected in November 2005 on the platform of Honduras’ Liberal Party, had proposed the opinion poll be conducted to determine if a majority of citizens agreed that constitutional reform was necessary. He was backed by a majority of labor unions and social movements in the country. If the poll had occurred, depending on the results, a referendum would have been conducted during the upcoming elections in November to vote on convening a constitutional assembly. Nevertheless, today’s scheduled poll was not binding by law.

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  1. It is really sad for us Honduran’s to be judged and rejected by the rest of the Democratic world. It is really important to know the real facts about our situation in the country. People in the streets are NOT all of us, who wants our former president back, this is people paid by Nicaragua and Venezuela with Honduran pasports and IDs, they were paid to come and start all sorts of riots and disturb peace. Zelaya began a proces like the one Chavez began in his country, and he wanted it to succed,his time was running out and commited several crimes against his own people and he still does ganging up with Ortega and Chavez who are ready to send troops to Honduras and attack innocent citicens, it is my opinion that Chavez’s goal was our country, because we are known to be a peaceful country who takes what ever comes and makes the best of it, but he never thought that our country was tired of their tirany and their wrong doing. Many of the actions our expresident says, like how he was treated, are not true, his message is to inspire pitty so he can be reinstated and come back to finish Chavez’s commands. Marxism and socialism marks the way they work, they want another Cuba, another Venezuela. Our country won’t take it anymore, we’ve beeb beaten enough. U.S.A can’t turn their backs against us, unless they think democracy is and should be as Chavez says it is. Don’t help this people to continue their wrong doing, as a Honduran I ask you to find out what really is happening.
    Mr. Reyna who is our Diplomatic representative at the ONU has been known all his life in Honduras as a person who believes in Marxism and socialism and he was and is part of this idea, he is a man you can’t believe in. He too agrees Zelaya should be back as president. Hondurans, the real Honduras, we don`t want that. A Man like Zelaya Who wants his country under control of other countries with dangerous ideas is not a man to trust, he just want to hurt us.

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