Britain expels Iran diplomats

Tensions between Britain and Iran escalated tonight with a bout of tit-for-tat expulsions.

First, two British diplomats were kicked out by the Iranian regime. Then Gordon Brown revealed that in retaliation their counterparts had been expelled from the UK.

The Iranians claimed that the Britons had engaged in “activities which are incompatible with their diplomatic status”, normally a code for spying.

But the Prime Minister told Parliament this afternoon that Tehran’s accusations against the diplomats were “absolutely without foundation”.

Tehran was on a knife-edge today after the ruling Guardian Council decided not to annul the election of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Fresh demonstrations were planned to mourn protesters killed by the regime’s secret police.

Foreign Office sources said that the Iranian actions against the British diplomats were “unacceptable” and expressed fears for the safety of other personnel in the embassy.

A spokesman told the Standard: “The government of Iran is seeking to blame the UK and other outsiders for what is an Iranian reaction to an Iranian issue. This has the potential to impact on our staff safety. We have therefore taken the decision to reciprocate.”


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