Iran admits to ballot stuffing, says election not rigged

In the kind of statement only politicians and repressive regimes can make, Iran admitted that there was ballot stuffing in the presidential election with ballot boxes in some provinces and towns containing more votes for Ahemedenjad than were people living in those towns. So far the number of cities and towns where this ballot stuffing has been discovered is 50. But, they added, in spite of this the election was not rigged.

Perhaps that was just a poor choice of words on their part( maybe Robert Gibbs will point this out as he did with Sotomayor) and what they meant to say was the ballot stuffing didn’t affect the outcome. But when you have clear ballot stuffing that is certainly evidence of rigging. It is also evidence that the 14 million voters who cast their votes for Mousavi are right to have no confidence in the election.

Unfortunatly this makes President Obama look even worse than he’s looked since the demonstrators took to the streets, refusing for days to even acknowledge a rigged election and being tepid in his defense and support of the demonstrators, so much so that the Congress of the United States, overwhelmingly controlled by the Democrats felt they had to pass resolutions of support of the demonstrators and condemnation of the Iranian government. As has other European leaders.

What Obama will do and say next no one really knows.In many ways events are passing Obama by.

With Iran’s admission, Obama is being put in a position where he is going to have to speak out against the ballot stuffing and call for new elections and the safety of the demonstrators or face the possibility that his voice will be irrelevant in the future not only on issues pertaining to Iran but almost anything related to foreign policy.


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