Ayatollah attacks ‘evil’ Britain

Iran’s Supreme leader today launched an astonishing attack on Britain — calling the Government the “most treacherous” in the world.

Breaking his silence on the disputed presidential election, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei insisted there was no vote-rigging and blamed “enemies” in the West for the unrest.

In his address to the nation, the country’s ultimate authority said: “The enemies (of Iran) are targeting the Islamic establishment’s
legitimacy by questioning the election and its authenticity before and after (the vote)”.

He then singled out Britain as “the most evil” of Iran’s enemies and vigorously defended the ruling system.

The Iranian ambassador to Britain was summoned
to the Foreign Office immediately after the ayatollah’s speech.

Since last Friday’s election result was announced, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators
have taken to the streets of Tehran resulting in some of the bloodiest clashes ever witnessed
in the Islamic Republic state.

Up to 20 people have been killed in rallies following claims that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rigged the vote.

The president’s hardline regime has tried to prevent images of the bloodshed getting out of Iran but students have been sending shocking pictures of the violence, including one of a body sent to the Standard, via networking website Twitter.

There are reports that soldiers have been given orders to fire on protesters.

In delivering his Friday prayer sermon at Tehran University, Ayatollah Khamenei offered no
concession to supporters of presidential challenger Mirhossein Mousavi, who are demanding
the elections be re-run. He said: “Today the Iranian nation needs calm.”

The ayatollah also issued a stern warning that protests must end and said political leaders
would be blamed for violence.

“I am urging them to end street protests, otherwise they will be responsible for its consequences, and consequences of any chaos,”
he said.

“The result of the election comes out of the ballot box, not from the street.”

Tens of thousands of Iranians had gathered in and around the university to hear the speech. As passions soared, the crowd chanted: “Death to the UK, Israel and the US.”

He added: “After street protests, some foreign powers … started to interfere in Iran’s state matters by questioning the result of the vote. I strongly condemn such interference.

“American officials’ remarks about human rights and limitations on people are not acceptable
because they have no idea about human rights after what they have done in Afghanistan and Iraq and other parts of the world. We do not need advice over human rights from them.”



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