Azerbaijani government says formation of elections commissions on equal basis is impossible

“It is impossible to form election commissions on equal basis. It is impossible under current conditions as political organizations and political parties violate laws and principal agreements for sake of their ambition and interests,” Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Public and Political Department Head Ali Hasanov in his exclusive interview with Trend News.

Amendments and additions were made to the Election Code after discussion between Azerbaijani government and Venice Commission prior to the October 15 presidential elections. Under changes, presidential candidates are prohibited to stage free campaign in state television and radio. The campaign will be staged under Law on Advertising in private television channels. Under the Law on Advertising, presidential candidates can use only 25 percent of air time per day.

The previous Election Code stipulated 6 six hours of air time in state television and radio for candidates. Candidates could also campaign in private channels at the same time. Now presidential candidates can have free air time only on the Public Television.

The amendments and additions do not reflect formation of election commissions on equal basis offered by the opposition. The Venice Commission says it is necessary to form election commissions on eqaual basis.

Hasanov said recommendations by the Venice Commission are understandable.

“The Venice Commission must engage in such activities in member countries as in case of Azerbaijan. But realities in Azerbaijan are key condition for us. Azerbaijan’s national and public interests, stability, active work of election institutions are very important. It is carried out also under the Council of Europe standards,” Hasanov said.


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