Darnell Nash, who voted in presidential election with fake address, is indicted

A man who cast a ballot using a fake address in last fall’s presidential election was indicted Thursday on charges of tampering with records, false registration and illegal voting.

The indictment of Darnell Nash, address unknown, was the first by the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office from a seven-month investigation of voter registration practices. Assistant prosecutor Rick Bell said detectives with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office continue to investigate.

The inquiry started when workers at the Board of Elections flagged dozens of registration cards turned in by ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, which tries to get low- and moderate-income people to register.

Meanwhile the Associated Press reported that four former Pittsburgh-area ACORN workers this week were ordered to stand trial on charges they forged or otherwise illegally solicited voter registration cards before the election, a St. Louis ACORN worker awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to mail fraud for submitting false voter registrations, and the Nevada attorney general has charged ACORN and two of its supervisors with requiring illegal quotas of 20 cards per shift and firing workers who didn’t meet them.

Nash, who registered to vote in Cuyahoga County nine times last year using false names, was a no-show at a board hearing in October where he was subpoenaed to testify with other repeat registrants.

At the hearing, board workers said they had contacted Nash during the summer and told him to stop registering, yet on Sept. 30 he signed up again and voted early using a false address on Lee Road in Shaker Heights.

His paper ballot was flagged and not counted since board workers recognized his name, according to election officials and the prosecutor’s office.

Nash was charged with 19 counts on the three charges. All are felonies.



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