Lebanon finds fake ID cards

Lebanese authorities have discovered thousands of forged identity cards only three days ahead of watershed parliamentary elections in the country

According to a Thursday report by Asharq al-Awsat, Lebanese security agents have confiscated over 4,000 falsified ID cards and have adopted concrete measures to identify those behind the forgery and bring them to justice.

The Al-Hayat newspaper, meanwhile, in a report cited two sorts of forgery regarding the identification cards.

According to the report, the perpetrators had resorted to counterfeit ID cards together with ones which carry the names of Lebanese expatriates who have neither acquired Lebanese identity cards nor are expected to cast ballots in the decisive parliamentary elections.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and Interior Minister Ziad Baroud have promised to implement necessary measures to lower the chances of voter fraud during the elections.

We have taken strict measures and we will take even more measures to bring the situation under control, Baroud said in an address to a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday night.

Lebanon’s parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place on June 7.

The ballot vote is of significant importance as it pits the pro-Western majority against the opposition powerhouse led by Hezbollah.

Former American president Jimmy Carter is set to lead the international delegation tasked with vote observation.

Last month, the European Union deployed nearly 90 personnel to Lebanon to keep an eye on the electoral process.

Arab monitors are also in the country and will stay there until the election results are officially announced on June 10.



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