UK Twitter Users Opposing, Supporting Right-Wing Political Party

An important European Union election has prompted British users on Twitter to go out and vote tomorrow and to express their fierce support or opposition for a very controversial political organization – the British National Party (BNP).

Some 736 members will be elected to the European Parliament tomorrow to represent some 500,000,000 Europeans. Over a dozen political groups have candidates running for these seats, including the right-wing BNP who is likely to win representation of North West Brussels.

Since its insertion, the BNP has been know for their anti-immigrant sentiment and white-power ideology. The party is led by Nicholas John Griffin who has publicly said that the Jewish holocaust never took place.

According to the North-West Evening Mail, Chris Davies a liberal member of the European Parliament stated that electing a BNP member to office would ruin the reputation of the region.

“If we were the only region to elect the British National Party, then the outside opinion would be ‘that’s the region that elects racists’. That wouldn’t do our investment opportunities any good at all,” Davies said.

Twitter users that oppose the BNP are aggressively telling others to not vote for the conservative organization with tweets such as:

“Tomorrow is the big daaaay!! Getting out to vote! Let’s work together to keep out the BNP!! Whoever you vote for, just not the BNP!!!!!!!!!”

“VOTE TO STOP THE BNP.” And, “If you dont vote remember that the BNP voters will & that means your rights will be eroded. A vote against the BNP is a vote for democracy.”

Other pro-BNP users are tweeting:

“I’m voting BNP because i love Britain,” “In London the BNP just needs 8% of the vote to get a [member of the European Parliament]. Every vote will count.”

According to election polls, most seats may be won by liberal parties, except for about 20 which may be won by far-right groups, including the North West seat.

The North-West Evening Mail reported that Michael Elliott, a BNP candidate has said that his organization is one of the fastest growing parties in the UK and that they are harvesting greater wider support from the public.

“We have been elected on to numerous local councils and in many cases been re-elected,” Elliott said. “We are more than happy to leave it to the electorate to decide whether Nick Griffin and the BNP should represent them in the forthcoming elections.


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