Over 1Million Bulgarians to Sell Their Votes at MEP Elections

Over 1 million Bulgarian citizens are going to sell their vote at Sunday’s MEP elections, which means half of the expected turnout, political analysts told The Standart.

The figure was calculated on the basis of 6 million eligible voters and turnout of 49 percent. Vote trade is going at full steam nationwide as the unofficial and illegal party networks serving to its ends have now been around for years.

The MEP elections are merely a system trial for the real deal on July 5 as well as an opportunity for vote-dealers to prove to political functionaries that their networks are up and running and able to win general elections, when the price per ballot usually doubles up. Currently, a vote costs around 50 levs (1 euro = 1.95 levs). An average vote-dealer makes about two grand per mission. The vote market is comparatively small in Sofia but large in smaller settlements.

“There are ways other than vote trade to forge elections. One of them is by making address registrations for people in depopulated villages,” historian and election systems expert Bisser Danchev revealed for The Standart.



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