The role of Somaliland Youth for upcoming Election on September 2009 is underway in Borama City.

The biggest democratic process in Somaliland is coming closer this fall 2009. Elections in Somaliland Youth this time is ready to play a bigger role to cast and creeds vote together to elect a government that they hope would ensure a better future.

Elections in Somaliland are more important this time around as the youth of the country are poised to play an important role. The emphasis on the youth stems from the fact that now over 60% of the country’s population is under the age of 35.

Their aspirations and their dreams would fore sure play an important role as no political party worth its money can ignore this important vote bank. And the parties for sure understand this going by the way they had went about increasing their web footprint.

Youth are the biggest users of the Internet and the parties are harnessing their new found strength in the medium.

The UCID Party Representative in Awdal Region already started a tad slowly, has also picked up speed in the Endeavour to gain youth vote in Awdal region.

Undoubtedly, youth have gained prominence in the electoral process of the country and it is rightly so, as they are the future of the country and sooner they get involved in nation building the better” Said Dr. Mohamed Rashid the UCID vice president candidate in his early visit to Borama City.

Speaking to UCID supporters in Borama, he added “the Youths have fresh ideas about the way in which the world around them should shape up and their ideas must be respected if we want to evolve into a progressive society.” In Borama the situation of youth is getting worst because there is no any Youth Development Programs such as Sports etc.

Other two major Somaliland political parties have also understood the power of the youth as now we see much larger representation of the youth in them. Youth force is what county needs as youth force can bring in “real change”.

As we all will see the Somaliland Election is coming closer and we all are eagerly waiting for which party will win the hearth and mind of the Somaliland youth in 2009 election Results

This report sent by Dahir Ahmed Jirde  /Translated by Mohamoud Abdilahi Roble


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