A letter to www.minivannews.com on Maldivian parliamentary elections

Dear Editor,

Anni’s Lame Duck Presidency: Is the Executive Merely a “Philosophy”?

The Maldives must go down in history as the shortest-lived democracy in the world! We hear of revolutions devouring their children; but here it is a case of childishness devouring a revolution!

The big question everybody had in their mind when they went into the second round of voting in the presidential elections last year was, “Are MDP capable of governing?” Well, it did not take long before the MDP answered the question themselves.

What was Anni thinking when he had his Sula Shiraz? What was Anni thinking when he announced that he will deliberately manipulate the elections to MDP’s advantage? What was Anni thinking when he declared that he was going to be ruthless?

Surely, Anni couldn’t have forgotten the historical narrative that he had been telling the people for the past so many years: the story of the Motorboat rebellion, the story of Mohamed Amin’s downfall, and the story of the ten kings of Hilaalee Dynasty! In the Maldives, the people always strike down rulers who misbehave or mismanage.

It is no doubt the grossly immature and arrogant conduct of Anni that has created the resurgence of DRP. Equally, the people do not indulge supremacist leaders: that is why Gayoom and Yameen were bundled out last fall. And now, MDP’s supremacist attitude, which saw the Watan Edhey Gulhun become simply MDP, sealed the fate of the new government.

Now, with Yameen and Gayoom holding real power, Anni has become a lame duck president, less than six months into his presidency.

Now, more than ever, there is a need to call fresh presidential elections in 2010, so that the impotence of the government can be rectified. And of course, Gayoom now has the numbers to force Anni and Waheed into delivering their promised mid-term election!

As Anni said of his pledge to hold a mid-term election, his own executive powers have become a mere philosophy–devoid of any practical significance!


Hussain Didi



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